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How can you tell if the egg is spoilt? Ways to Recognise a Spoilt Egg

How to make pancakes? Hello, in this article, we will try to tell you how to make pancakes as much as we can. Our pancake recipe will be for an average of 3 people

In our article on how to understand spoilt eggs, today we will talk about how you can tell if the eggs in your home are spoilt. Eggs are an important food of our kitchen. And there are many kinds of dishes and pastries made with eggs. In fact, it is such an important food that it is not possible to remove eggs from what we do. Eggs are among the indispensable ingredients.

For example, we can make menemen with or without onion, or with or without chilli, but menemen cannot be divided as with or without eggs. It is the egg that makes menemenemen. Eggs are the main ingredient in pancakes, pancakes, cakes, pastries and many similar dishes. Eggs are already very rich in protein. But if the egg you eat is stale, you can get sick or poisoned. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether the eggs you eat are fresh and consume fresh eggs as much as you can.

But what about fresh eggs? How do we know if the egg is spoilt? Here are a few ways to tell if the egg is stale or not.

Look at the History of the Egg

The first and simplest method is to know and follow the production and expiry dates of the eggs you buy. Pay attention to when the eggs you buy were produced and when the expiry date is. Try to consume the eggs a few days before the expiry date. Do not even leave it to the last day. If there are several different dated eggs at the place you buy, buy the eggs that were produced on the closest date and have the longest expiry date. We recommend that you do this not only for eggs but also for all other foods. This is a simple method that everyone can do. The abbreviations written on the packs are as follows.

Production Date

SKT = Expiry Date

TETT  = Recommended Consumption Date

You can recognise a fresh egg by looking at whether the egg sinks in water.

There is a very thin air space inside the eggs. Over time, air starts to enter the egg through the pores outside the egg and the air inside the egg increases. Not only the egg, but the more air in anything, the less likely it is to sink in water. The more air in the egg, the more it will not sink in the water.

  • Fill a large glass, saucepan or large bowl with cold water.
  • Drop the uncooked egg into the water.
  • If the egg sinks to the bottom of the water and lies on its side, it is fresh.
  • If the egg sinks to the bottom of the water but remains upright, it means that its freshness has passed, it may be about 1 week old. It can still be consumed.
  • If the egg is standing in the middle of the water, it may be about 2 weeks old. The freshness is gone, but we already consume 2 or 3 weeks old eggs, don’t we?
  • If the egg starts to rise to the surface of the water, it means that it has been close to 1 month. This egg is stale, but you may say to yourself, “Oh, we eat 1-month-old eggs. True, this does not mean that the egg is inedible. You can break this egg into an empty plate and see if it is rotten and smell it.

Bring the egg close to your ear and listen to the sound by shaking it.

He said that air would enter the egg day by day. As this air enters the egg, the inside of the egg begins to shrink and the cavities inside the egg begin to increase. When these gaps increase, the inside of the egg starts to shake. If there is not much sound, the egg is fresh. If you hear the egg shaking, this indicates that the egg is no longer plain.

But as we have just said, it does not mean that the egg is completely inedible. To find out if the egg is stale, break it on a small plate such as a saucer and smell it or see if it is rotten.

What do you mean, look at the egg?

What do we mean when we say crack an egg on a plate and look? When you break the egg on a plate, look at how well the yolk and white are combined with each other. The yolk and white of a stale egg are not as united as in a fresh egg.

If the egg on the plate is runny and spreads immediately on the plate, it means that it has lost its freshness. The egg white should also be a little cloudy.

Smelling the Egg

When you crack a spoiled egg and smell it, it gives off a pungent and disgusting odour. Avoid consuming this egg. When you smell it, even if we tell you that it is fresh, you will not accept to consume it. (:

Always keep the eggs at the same temperature. If you put the eggs in the refrigerator, always leave them there. After you take them out of the fridge, the egg will sweat when it meets with hot air. And this will lead to bacteria after a while. Do not consume.

Give great importance to egg consumption in children and the elderly. Give them the freshest eggs, even if you eat them yourself. People with weakened immunity will be affected more quickly.


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