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What is Ram, What does it do? What is the Role of Ram in Electronic Devices?

Hello, what is ram in this article? We will try to answer the question. Ram (Random Acces Memory) with its Turkish equivalent Random Access Memory, Memory

Hello to you in this article what is ram? We will try to answer the question.

Ram (Random Acces Memory) Random Access Memory, Memory is the component that is used as the pre-memory of the operating system that works with the processor in computer components. It is one of the most important interchangeable hardware parts for your computer after the processor. If you know what Hard-Disc, Flash memory or memory cards do, we can explain to you in an easy language.

Hard drives such as hard disks, USB sticks and memory cards allow the storage of all files such as music, pictures, text files and similar files on the computer. However, these documents are stored in a saved and non-working form. For example, when you open a Word document to edit it, this Word document is now running in ram. Thanks to Ram, you can quickly make your edits and see these edits instantly. When you save and close the Word file, the files are deleted from the ram and continue to be kept on hard discs.

Ram is a very high speed storage. So it cannot replace other hard or any other discs.

What are the types of ram?

There are two main types of RAMs, dynamic and static. These are known as DRAM and SRAM. However, we will also see the ram derived from them in the list below.

DRAM (Dynamic RAM)

Dram is a type of ram that has to constantly renew itself and therefore has a low data rate between the processor.

SRAM (Static RAM)

SRAM is a type of ram that does not have to constantly renew itself. It uses on-off switches, i.e. transistors, instead of capacitors and does not need to be renewed. Therefore, it does not tire the processor much and is faster.

SDRAM (Synchronised Dynamic RAM)

SDRAM is a type of ram that works at the same time with the processor without exchanging with the processor, that is, without renewing and renewing itself.


DDRRAM is a type of ram that is used more intensively today than the previous types of ram and new generations are emerging day by day. The clock signal used in this memory is about twice as fast as SDRAM memory. They consume less energy and use 64-bit buses. And it is one of the most produced ram types today.


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