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What is a processor and what does it do?

What is a Centre Processing Unit (CPU)? A processor is a piece of computer hardware. The best exemplary answer to the definition of a processor is that a computer

What is the Centre Processing Unit (CPU)?

The processor is a hardware part of the computer. The best exemplary answer to the definition of the processor would be to say the brain of the computer. The processor is an electronic part that performs more than one given command and functions as the brain of the computer in popular parlance.

Or, in more dictionary terms, a processor is an electronic device that controls the operation of computer units and the sending of data between computer units and performs data processing tasks.

What is Cache Memory?

The second time we run an application, we see that it opens faster than the first time. So what is behind the scenes of this phenomenon?

Cache Memory consists of two static “ram” embedded in the processor core called L1, which predicts 90% of the next operation and holds this information, and L2, which predicts 90% of this 10% (you calculate it) in case L1 fails 10%, and holds this information. If the CPU cannot find this information in L2, it goes to ram. If not there, it goes to the HDD (harddisk).


It is a memory unit where data is temporarily stored.

There are two main brands of processors, Amd and Intel . These are divided into many more units and branches within themselves.

Part of AMD Processor Types

1. Amd FX-4300
2. Amd FX-6100
3. Amd FX-9590
4. Amd FX-4320
5. Amd Athlon X4 950
6. Amd Ryzen Threadripper
7. Amd Ryzen 5 1500X
8. Amd Ryzen 5 1600X

İNTEL İşlemci Türlerinin Bir Kısmı

  1. İntel Celeron
  2. İntel Pentium
  3. İntel Pentium D
  4. İntel Core Dua
  5. İntel Core 2 Dua
  6. İntel Core 2 Guat
  7. İntel Core i3
  8. İntel Core i5
  9. İntel Core i7
  10. İntel Core i9

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