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How to Make Turkish Coffee?

How to Make Turkish Coffee? Hello friends. In today's article, I will talk about how to make Turkish coffee. First of all, we will look at the history of coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee?

Hello friends. In today’s article, I will talk about how to make Turkish coffee. First of all, if we look at the history of coffee, although its origin is seen as Abyssinia, it passed from there to Yemen and over time it has become the new taste and favourite of the whole middle east. Of course, it was indispensable for the Ottoman Empire. However, although it is not clearly known how the coffee, which we cannot give up this taste, came to the agenda of the Ottoman Empire, there are those who think that it consists of several stories. One of these stories is that a few Syrian entrepreneurs brought coffee to Istanbul in 1554, and another story is that Özdemir Pasha, the Governor of Yemen during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent in 1517, tasted this flavour and brought it to Istanbul. Although I am not sure which story is true or not, there is only one thing I am sure of and that is how delicious Turkish coffee is. However, there is such a situation that unfortunately not everyone can match this flavour. Here in this article, we will talk about how to make delicious Turkish coffee, how to make plenty of foamy Turkish coffee, and we will transfer the recipe of flavour to our future generations.

Before starting to explain how to cook Tük coffee, let’s prepare our necessary materials. First of all, we need a stove for a fire, a coffee pot, a teaspoon for stirring, a coffee cup, water whose quality we trust and our indispensable coffee. If we have prepared our necessary materials, let’s start making our coffee. First of all, we should know that as the number of people changes, the amount of ingredients we use while making our Turkish coffee also varies. Let’s take this number of people as 1 and make our Turkish coffee. Let’s take our coffee pot in our hands and throw 2 teaspoons of coffee into it. If we want to make plain Turkish coffee without sugar, if we want to make medium Turkish coffee, 1 sugar cube, if we want to make sugary Turkish coffee, let’s throw 2 sugar cubes into our coffee pot. Then fill a coffee cup with water and pour it into our coffee pot and stir with a teaspoon until the sugar dissolves. If we have obtained the mixture in which the sugar melts and the coffee mixes well with the water, it is time to light the stove and taste this delicious flavour. Let’s not forget to increase the amount of our ingredients in the same proportion according to the number of people. For example, in the Turkish coffee we will prepare for 2 people, let’s use 4 teaspoons of coffee and 2 cups of water, and in the Turkish coffee for 3 people, let’s use 6 teaspoons of coffee and 3 cups of water. After finishing these processes, let’s put our coffee pot on the fire and let our Turkish coffee cook on low heat for about 6 or 8 minutes. However, if we want to get our well-cooked, foamy and delicious Turkish coffee, we do not neglect to stir our mixture gently during this time without being delicate and overly fast. Switch off the fire as soon as you see that our Turkish coffee is slowly boiling and the top is foamy. Our Turkish coffee is cooked and now we have a few last steps to make it ready to serve. Before pouring our cooked Turkish coffee into the cup, we transfer the foam on it into the coffee cup with the help of a teaspoon. Then we slowly pour our Turkish coffee by leaning the coffee pot against the coffee cup. Here is that exquisite delicious Turkish coffee that our ancestors of our history bequeathed to us, bon appetit.

How to Make Turkish Coffee in the Sand?

First of all, I would like to state that the taste of Turkish coffee is indispensable and perfect after it is made well, but the Turkish coffee made in the sand is also a different flavour. In this article, I will talk about how to make Turkish coffee in the sand. If you want, let’s come to the subject without further ado and taste the flavour that is so difficult to explain.

Making Turkish coffee in the sand is not as difficult as we think, on the contrary, it is very simple. To make Turkish coffee in the sand, we add sand to the ingredients we use when making Turkish coffee. First of all, while preparing the coffee mixture in our coffee pot, as I mentioned in my article above, we add our ingredients according to the number of people. We throw 2 teaspoons of turkish coffee into our coffee pot, thinking that we are making it for 1 person. According to our sugar preference, if it is plain, we add sugar-free, if it is medium, 1 sugar cube, if it is sugary, we add 2 sugar cubes to our coffee pot. Then we pour 1 coffee cup of water into our coffee pot and stir to complete the mixture and set it aside. Since it is called Turkish coffee in the sand, we pour the sand in our hands into a pan. We adjust the amount of sand according to the size and depth of the pan. While adjusting the amount of sand, we take care that the sand in the pan is not more than two finger widths. We put our pan on the fire we have lit and continue our process by stirring gently until we are sure that the sand is thoroughly heated. If our sand is well heated, we place our prepared Turkish coffee into the sand. One of the things we need to pay attention to here is that the fire is low and the coffee pot does not fully touch the pan. We slowly move our coffee pot in the pan, provided that there is sand between the pan and the coffee pot, and we apply this process until it is cooked. When we see that our Turkish coffee is cooked, we immediately turn off the fire, set our coffee pot aside and transfer the foam inside to the coffee cup with the help of a spoon. We slowly pour our coffee pot into the coffee cup. And here is the Turkish coffee in the sand, which does not compromise on its flavour that we cannot give up its taste. Bon appetite.


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