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How to Brew Quality and Good Tea? Secrets of Tea Brewing

In our article titled How to brew good tea, we will tell you how to better brew tea known as black tea, black tea, Rize tea and normal tea    . We hope we can add something to you about how to brew quality and good tea. Good reading (:

Tea is one of the favourite drinks of the Turkish people, especially tea, which is drunk at breakfast in the morning, when we go to work, during work breaks, at lunch, chatting with friends, visiting, five o’clock tea, watching movies in the evening and in many places you can think of. I know from myself that I can’t stop drinking tea for at least 3 meals a day, which is at least 3 meals for most of the time.

Tea is good for chatting with friends, chatting with friends, visiting acquaintances, visiting family on holidays (when it comes to mind, when it is missed ;/ ), tea goes well with the conversation.  Tea is good for fatigue when we stop by a tea centre or cafe between lessons in high schools and universities, while doing homework as a student, between work, (at business meetings according to the place and time), when we are tired of work outside and say I’ll take a break. (:

But of course, the important thing is a well-brewed tea. I don’t want to offend anyone, but if you don’t drink tea with sugar or lemon, poorly brewed tea can spoil all your pleasure. A well-brewed tea does not take away your joy of life or career, but it is still useful to know how to brew good tea.

If you have already found this article and started reading it, you are at least curious. We will satisfy your curiosity. There is no sure way to brew a good tea. Anyway, people have different tastes and not every person likes tea in the same way. Well, this tea also has many varieties such as open, brewed, rabbit blood, lemon, bud, sugar, honey. So we want to tell you more about how to brew the right tea, let’s see how it will be.

Use Quality Tea

In fact, there is a rule that positively affects our life in general, not only for tea, which is to consume quality foods. Here, too, the tea must be of high quality. A quality tea leaves a good taste. The tea I drank in a few cheap and little known brands I have tried before, either did not have the taste of tea or left a feeling like oil on my palate. Therefore, one of the most important steps is to use quality tea. And fortunately for us, one of the countries producing the highest quality tea in the world is our beautiful homeland Turkey. Therefore, we think that we are very lucky in the first step and we continue.

Store Tea in Good Conditions

You need to store tea well, in fact, I know that tea does not spoil easily, but since there are cities exposed to excessive humidity in our country, we still recommend that you store your teas in closed boxes. With 1 package, your first pot of tea and your last pot of tea will give you almost the same pleasure.

Use Quality and Mineral Water

One of the important elements for brewing good tea is to use good water. Unfortunately, the water flowing from the tap in most homes in our country is not drunk. It contains chlorine or is said to be unhealthy. Although it is said to be drinkable after boiling, our recommendation is possible for you. Use clean, soft and purified water. The richer the oxygen and mineral ratio of the water you use, the more delicious the tea you brew will be.

For this, well-branded ready-made water that you can buy in the markets will do your job. However, if you consume excessive water and tea brewing does not bring you any benefit, you still know. At least 1 or 2 times a week, you can drink a well-brewed tea using instant water. Do not brew your tea with water that has been kept or previously boiled, cooled and reheated. Since boiled and then cooled water contains less oxygen, it can spoil the flavour of the tea.

Infuser For Brewing Good Tea

You can pay attention to use porcelain teapots to get the full flavour and aroma of the tea. The ancients say that the tea brewed in a copper teapot tastes very good, you can use a copper teapot if you wish. Avoid metal teapots as much as possible. Try not to brew other types of tea with the same teapot, as the tea can attract other odours. By saving a little, you can buy glass teapots made for herbal tea, which are not very expensive.

How To Brew Good Quality And Good Tea?

  • Put the water in the large teapot and start heating. Nowadays, kettle-style products called tea makers or direct kettle is used to heat the tea water. If your preference is kettle, there is nothing to do, continue reading.
  • While you are heating your water, put the teapot you will use for brewing on the boiling water and let it warm up. Do not put tea in a cold teapot. You can add the tea brew after the teapot has warmed up a little or after the water has finished boiling.
  • Don’t put too much or too little tea. You do not want to drink bitter or tasteless tea. We cannot tell you to add this much spoon because teas can be dark or light depending on the tea. Therefore, unfortunately, you will have to try and learn the first one or two times. (Your first teapot may not be very tasty unfortunately)
  • After the water boils, switch off the heat and wait for it to stop bubbling. After the water stops bubbling, you have reached the ideal brewing temperature.
  • When brewing tea, pour the boiling water into the teapot slowly from a little air, not too close to the teapot, so that the water comes into contact with the air as it fills the teapot.
  • After pouring the boiled water into the teapot and completing the tea brewing process, put the teapot back on the water teapot or kettle and wait for it to brew between 15 and 20 minutes on low heat.

A Few Short Notes

  • Do not add water on the tea you brew, if you want to drink more, brew it again.
  • Do not boil the tea you brewed because it has cooled down. (We are talking about brew, not water)
  • After brewing the tea, consume it between half an hour and 45 minutes so that your last cups do not spoil the taste of your mouth.

In this article, we tried to tell you how to brew quality and good tea as much as we can. As we said at the beginning, there are no strict rules for brewing good tea. We tried to share with you the information and experiences we have reached as much as we can. We hope that the teas you read this article and brew will be delicious enough to remind you of us. Bon appetite (:


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