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What is Hard Disk HDD and What Does It Do?

What is a hard disc? Hard discs serve as storage in the computer, the magnetic discs in them are both writable and erasable.

What is Hard Disc?

Hard discs act as storage in the computer, the magnetic discs in them are both writable and erasable.In short, it is the memory unit where the data in the computer is stored and stored.

How is Hard Disc Working Principle?

Hard discs have magnetic discs inside. There are two heads responsible for writing and reading data on these discs. These heads work by moving left and right. There is a coil and a rotation motor inside, the rotation motor allows the discs to rotate. The coil allows the heads to move left and right.

How Are Hard Discs Divided?

Hard discs are divided into 3 types;

HDD (Hard Disc Driver)

HDD hard discs carry a layer similar to a cd on them and each data is written on this disc with traces. HDD discs have been preferred for a long time.

SSD (Solit State Driver)

SSD hard discs are similar to flash memories in terms of structure. HDD type hard discs have a layer similar to the cd on which the data is written. All data is written on this layer and when you want to access a file, the computer tries to find the file by scanning the lines on this disc.

SSD hard discs are electronic circuits and  files are written directly to ssd hard discs just like flash drives, and when a program is run or a file is opened, it is called directly so that it does not have to search for the file like HDD. In this way, SSD hard discs, which are popular today, are very fast. These SSD hard discs with very fast read and write speeds also help to increase the performance of your computer.  But of course this performance comes at a price. Unfortunately, SSD hard discs are more expensive than HDDs in price.

HHD (Hybrid Hard Driver)

HHD hard discs can be described as a combination of HDD discs and SSD discs. In addition to the mechanical disc similar to CD, they also have SSD discs ranging from 4 to 8gb. The most used files of the operating system are kept on the SSD side and are called from the SSD when needed. If the file is not in the SSD part, it is passed to the mechanical disc and searched there.

What are Data Paths?

Hard discs using the Pata (ide) bus

They exchange data in parallel.

Hard discs using the Sata (serial ata) bus

They exchange data in series.


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